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Leading the Future in Product Development


PDSS teams with the following organizations committed to product development excellence:

Cognition Corporation

Cognition Corporation: www.cognition.us

  • Cognition Cockpit - Critical Parameter Management

Oracle Crystal Ball

Oracle: www.crystalball.com

  • Crystal Ball - Risk Analysis, Simulation and Optimization Software


Minitab: www.minitab.com

  • Minitab Statistical Software

Axiomatic Design Solutions, Inc.

Axiomatic Design Solutions, Inc.: www.axiomaticdesign.com

  • Acclaro DFSS™ software implementing axiomatic design and other DFSS quality processes for best practices in design and development


Palisade Corporation: www.palisade.com

  • @RISK and the DecisionTools Suite - Risk Analysis, Decision Support and Project Management Software