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Leading the Future in Product Development

What We Do

Product Development Systems & Solutions Inc.  (PDSS) provides comprehensive Six Sigma programs for growth to address your business processes.

PDSS' programs and consulting services enable successful integration of Six Sigma into your product development processes, which provides the following advantages:

  • Improved control of cycle times through the use of a phase/gate process and project management tools
  • Product portfolio architecture and projects that have proven commercial value because their commercialization is based on market and competitive response requirements and properly developed and transferred technologies
  • Higher credibility of product commercialization and launch due to the critical parameter data developed using Six Sigma tools
  • Reduced risk by using increased discipline from tool-task-deliverable performance within and across the phases and gates of your processes
  • Decreased stress and pressure on project teams due to increased order and flow of tasks through rigorous project management and team building
  • Increased throughput of high-value technologies, projects and products

PDSS programs are led and supported by experienced practitioners, all of whom have worked in industry and have been responsible for implementing these techniques and practices within their own organizations.