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Sales / Customer Support / Service

After products are launched, success depends on the smooth operation of the following critical business processes and teams, referred to as the Customer Value Chain:

  • Sales Distribution Channels (e.g.  Direct Sales, Retailers, Wholesalers)
  • Service (e.g.  Maintenance, Break-fix)
  • Customer Support (e.g.  Help Desk, Hotlines)
  • Field Services (e.g.  Consultants, Analysts, Customer Trainers, Engineers)
  • Customer Administration / Customer Financing / Credit
  • Headquarters Functional Support (e.g.  Senior Management, Marketing, Sales Operations, Service Operations, Engineering)

Does your Customer Value Chain operate at its fullest potential? Are your customers equally satisfied with each of the value chain players, or is there a weak link to be strengthened? Would its performance benefit from improved cooperation, coordination, and collaboration across the multiple functions? PDSS' Team Sigma for Customer Operations program addresses performance from multiple perspectives: as an individual, within a functional team, and across the value chain to achieve and sustain high performance.

Team Sigma focuses on the tools and best practices that best support ongoing operations of those organizations responsible for managing an offering (or portfolio of offerings) in a post-launch environment for both products and services.  The Six Sigma fundamentals of using the right tool at the right time to answer the right question, and fact-based decision-making have been fine tuned to specifically address the unique customer operations model.

The Team Sigma program offers a combination of interactive workshop, mentoring / coaching, and certification at three different levels:

  • Team Sigma Yellow Belts -- Leadership team at headquarters or regional level
  • Team Sigma Black Belts -- Middle management, first-line field management; analysts; and services consultants
  • Team Sigma Green Belts -- Customer-facing and/or "Feet on the Street" (sales, service, customer support, customer administration)

The core topics examine the interdependency of adaptability, teamwork, structure, and offerings portfolio.  It introduces a unique model that integrates teamwork skills with Six Sigma fundamentals appropriate for managing launched offerings and adapting to environmental changes to sustain high performance across your customer value chain.