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Post-Launch Outbound Marketing

During and after a product launch, the challenge is managing the lifecycle to ensure business case fulfillment.  During this time, it is important to capture product performance data from supply chain, manufacturing, sales and field support as input for future product development efforts.

Enable your product line management teams with Six Sigma tools and best practices with PDSS' Six Sigma for Marketing - Product Line Management program.


The Six Sigma for Marketing - Product Line Management program provides:

  • Training and consulting for tools and practices to better manage product life cycles from new product launch to ongoing support, adaptation to changing competitive conditions and ultimately discontinuance.
  • The tools to help process data into information to enable better decision making.
  • Ongoing stewardship of the Product Line Business Cases through linkage of the Business Case Y = f(X) model to the critical parameters that enable ongoing management of maximum margin and minimum price erosion.
  • Assurance that each product and service is supported within a rigorous value management and margin control process through a critical parameter database.
  • Tools and best practices that are used to sustain and maximize the value of the launched product portfolio across the market segments.
  • Project management methods control the time-line of tasks and tool applications for adaptive control of your operations in post-launch product marketing and support.
  • Scorecards that are used to manage risk, make key decisions and assure that products are managed with the proper data.