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Product Commercialization

The challenge for your product commercialization process is successful product launches that meet schedule requirements, market demands and financial goals.

PDSS' Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) and Six Sigma for Marketing - Product Commercialization (SSFM) programs can help improve the results of your product commercialization process.  These programs offer a broad integrated portfolio of tools, methods and best practices that reside within your phase and gate process.

PDSS believes that highly productive collaboration between marketing and engineering functions within your organization ensures that appropriate quantitative data is gathered and presented to properly manage risk and make key decisions at gate reviews using a system of scorecards.  We recommend that the technical and marketing team members attend portions of the training program together and work on their selected projects as a cohesive team.

Through a combination of formal training, workshops, project and tool coaching and consulting, PDSS will help you to fortify your product commercialization with an integrated set of tools, methods and best practices.  PDSS will assess the current status of your process and, together with you, will create a program to suit your cultural needs and terminology.

For a list of topics in these programs, see the Six Sigma for Growth Tools page.


  • The integrated product, production and supply chain system is rigorously designed and balanced.
  • Critical parameter database is defined and being used in the supply chain, production organization and sales/service/support organizations.
  • Product performance is robust and capable in relation to customer-based requirements and use environments.
  • Product value directly and quantitatively supports the business strategy and financial goals.
  • Product risk is documented.  Assignable causes of variability are anticipated and verified tunable functions are in place to promote robust product launch.
  • Product launches are managed with discipline and rigor.