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Product Portfolio Renewal

The challenge for your product portfolio renewal process is to develop and refine a portfolio of products that is driven by your business strategy, financial goals and core competencies.  Your portfolio should strive to maximize revenue growth, improve margins and maintain cash flow.

PDSS' Six Sigma for Product Portfolio Definition & Development is a workshop-based program conducted just before and during your annual portfolio renewal process.  PDSS works with your portfolio team to perform a gap analysis on your existing process, and then the appropriate set of tools and best practices is defined, selected, and incorporated into your process.


The product portfolio renewal process that has been improved through PDSS' Six Sigma for Product Portfolio Definition & Development program will provide the following downstream benefits:

  • Reduced risk in research and technology development processes by avoiding the development of mis-aligned technologies that do not enable rapid product commercialization
  • Reduced cost-of-poor-quality and late launches due to overly sensitive and under-developed technologies
  • Clearly defined, ranked critical product portfolio requirements transferred to R&D
  • Statistically valid grouping of requirements by segment for technology platform considerations
  • Competitive trend analysis, market potential, and behavioral benchmarking data to focus innovation and new technology development
  • Reduced risk in the product commercialization process by limiting projects to a balanced mix of high-value projects that avoid over-commitment and under-performance of commercialization teams
  • Product portfolio architecture is rigorously defined; projects are prioritized, balanced and timed for activation
  • Product portfolio value is directly able to quantitatively support the business strategy and financial goals
  • Portfolio risk is documented and corrective action plans put in place
  • Assignable causes of variability anticipated to promote robust timing of activation of the prioritized portfolio for commercialization
  • Product line rollout is ranked and scheduled with resource utilization in balance with capacity and capability to do the right number of projects