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Leading the Future in Product Development

Research & Technology Development

The challenge for your research and technology development process is to apply resources to the development of technologies that are truly ready for commercialization, that are closely aligned, and support the product portfolio.  It is important to avoid developing technologies independent of portfolio requirements or premature transfer of under-developed technology to product commercialization teams.

PDSS' Six Sigma for Research & Technology Development program combines formal training, workshops, project and tool coaching and consulting.


PDSS' Six Sigma for Research & Technology Development will help your research & technology development organization strengthen their support of top-line growth by delivering the following benefits to the downstream product commercialization teams:

  • Robust and tunable technology in direct fulfillment of product portfolio requirements:
    • System level platforms
    • Subsystem level platforms
    • Modular designs (subsystems, subassemblies, consumables, etc.)
    • Stand-alone "niche" technologies
  • Critical parameter database is developed and refined
  • Certified measurement systems are developed and transferred
  • Technology platform value and risk is documented and under a technology transfer control plan