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Leading the Future in Product Development

Leadership Training

The single most important factor in successfully deploying Six Sigma for Growth initiatives is leadership support.  PDSS provides executive training sessions to help assure your Six Sigma for Growth program is launched successfully and the benefits are realized.  Leadership training is typically conducted in day or less and is presented to senior managers and executives.  Leadership training provides an opportunity for managers and leaders to understand their roles and responsibilities for successful deployment, resolve any concerns, and develop corporate alignment for the initiative.  The training helps prepare executives to:

  • Create a vision for the Six Sigma for Growth initiative
  • Define the strategic goals and measures of the organization
  • Create an environment within the organization that will promote the use of the Six Sigma for Growth methodology, tools and best practices

Champion Training

When launching a Six Sigma for Growth initiative, deployment champions and project champions play a critical role in its ultimate success.  PDSS has found that deployments are smoother when managers/champions and their teams attend champion training together.  Champion training is typically a two-day session designed to teach critical skills to the project champions and the entire team of practitioners who will be attending the Six Sigma for Growth training.  With the right skills they can assess and prioritize Six Sigma for Growth projects and ensure that they are aligned with appropriate corporate objectives.  Champion training provides an overview of Six Sigma for Growth, the activities, tools and best practices that are utilized across the phases and gates of a product development process.  The topics covered during the training include:

  • Introduction to Six Sigma for Growth and the phases of the methodology
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Project charters
  • Project reviews
  • Cycle-time management using Six Sigma tools
  • Scorecards for tool use, task completion and gate deliverables
  • Introduction to Voice of the Customer (VOC) and concept design processes and the tools that support them
  • Aligning tools, tasks and deliverables of Six Sigma for Growth to your product development process
  • Six Sigma for Growth deployment barriers, issues and risks