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PD Project Coaching

Six Sigma for Growth training provides the foundation for using the tools and applying the best practices on projects.  However, research has shown that learning retention increases by an order of magnitude by using the tools and obtaining timely feedback on real projects.  Successful execution of projects is also the key to realizing tangible benefits from your investment in a Six Sigma for Growth program.  Given this, it is vital that project teams get the support and assistance they need as their projects progress.

PDSS can provide focused DFSS Tool Coaching and Project Coaching support.  From the outset of a Six Sigma for Growth project, it is valuable to have an experienced consultant participate as an advisor, coach and mentor to the team.  After training has begun and as the project progresses, consultants review the use of tools, the tasks performed and quality of the deliverables.  The consultant provides recommendations to improve quality of the project outcome.  Furthermore, there is a wide array of Six Sigma tools and methods that are taught during the training program.  PDSS consultants can coach teams on the use of specific tools on a "just in time" basis.  Tool coaching may be one-on-one sessions or guiding an entire project team on the use of a tool during a hands-on project workshop.