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Leading the Future in Product Development


Our Experience

From the beginning, PDSS has worked exclusively in product development improvement.  Since 2002, we have served over 20 companies in a variety of engagements.  Mr. Creveling, President, has worked in the field of Six Sigma for Growth since 1997.  His thought leadership and unique approach have proven results for the companies that have embraced and fully adopted it.

Our Methodology

Our product development improvement methodology takes a comprehensive approach by addressing the entire product development process, from portfolio definition and renewal to product discontinuance.  Our approach uses Six Sigma discipline to achieve excellence.  See our Six Sigma for Growth Arena diagram for an overview of the methodology.

Our Expertise

PDSS consultants have worked in industry as engineers, team leaders, managers and executives in R&D, marketing, design and production organizations.  Every consultant has 20 or more years experience in their fields of technology development, product design engineering, production and service support engineering, project management, program management, marketing and sales.  Our consultants can work in your labs and out in the field, as well as teach in a classroom environment.